Reading Music

Mark Loquan, the creator of the following video, is devoted to helping pan players from Trinidad learn to read music.  If you don’t know, music is taught exclusively by rote in Trinidad.  It is truly amazing what the Panorama bands are able to play and perform all from memory.  What might be more impressive is the great arrangers working out their songs in the same way, having all the parts and variations in their head, just waiting to come out.  However, if you can read music certain opportunities will present themselves that would be closed to those who cannot read music.  

This is certainly the goal and emphasis of this website.  Right from the very first lesson the goal is to be reading music.  It starts with just three notes and more notes are added regularly.  After the first 30 lessons you’ll know about 20 notes on the staff and where to find them on your pan.  

Reading music requires you to read the pitch and the rhythm, So, my education packages are also Rhythmic Studies that reinforce scales and rhythms at the same time.  Anyway, check out this video and keep working on your reading skills!

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