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Besides the obvious Andy Narell highlights from PASIC, I was able to meet many people whom I’ve heard of, but never actually met.  One such person was Kyle Dunleavy.  I knew that he was a pan builder and tuner based out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, but I had never heard any of his pans.  Luckily we got to talk and hang out for quite a while and I’m really glad.  I think his pans might be a really good choice for many of my students and here’s why:

First, Kyle has a very unique perspective.  He began his studies with the folks at Panyard Inc. then studied at the Mannette workshop with Ellie Mannette.  Of course, he spent lots of time with the tuners and builders in Trinidad.  Every steel pan craftsman I’ve ever met would acknowledge that they have learned from many people before them.  Kyle, however, has spent extensive time with people that have very different ideas about the craft.  He has been able to take the best from all these sources to create his own style and sound, which is fantastic.

The second reason is a little more practical.  His prices are fantastic.  If you’ve read some of my early blog posts, you know that the two best resources for pans are either Trini built which relatively inexpensive, or American built with large price tags.  With Kyle’s pans, you’ll receive the a fantastic pan at a great value.  You still get the customer support, modern payment options of all the US companies but at more than reasonable prices. If you are looking at getting a pan, I highly recommend working with Kyle!  

For more information, you may visit his website at:


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