What’s the best pan to start on?

 Most people start on a Tenor steel drum. There two big reasons for this:

1. This is the main melody instrument in a steel band. Other instruments CAN play the melody but it’s usually the tenor.

2. It’s only ONE drum. This makes it easy to carry around to rehearsal or gigs. It also makes it a little cheaper since you don’t have to buy 2 cases and 2 stands like you would if you were going to play double second or double tenor.

However, my first pan was double seconds and it’s the instrument I prefer. It’s often described as the most versatile instrument in the steel drum family. The range goes high enough to play most melodies. The low notes work really well for accompanying other musicians. Much of this holds true for double tenor as well.

Tenor, double tenor, and double second are all great to get started!

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