Jumbie Jam Review – More than a toy

Jumbie Jam Review: As a professional pan player, it was very easy to dismiss the Jumbie Jam as “just a toy.” I had heard OF the Jumbie Jam but wasn’t interested in trying one. That changed several months ago when a young girl came to me with a Jumbie Jam and wanted some lessons. When I first heard it, I was blown away! The pan sounded amazing. The notes were well tuned and it was really easy to play. I soon realized that this could be a great fit for many people (not just kids) for many reasons. Size – The stand, sticks, and the Jumbie Jam all come in a handy cardboard carrying case that isn’t very big and could be stored easily in a closet when not used. The smaller size is especially important for kids because they can set it up and pack it up all by themselves. Notes – Of course the down side to the small size is that there are only 8 notes. This limits the number of songs you can play. Luckily, there are many great songbooks written specifically for the Jumbie Jam. (Also, my Jumbie Jam Tutorials will be available this summer, stay tuned!) Price – Another obvious advantage to the Jumbie Jam is the price. The middle of the road package is about $199 and includes everything you need to get started (except maybe a music stand). Compared to the $1,500 to purchase a larger pan, this is a bargain! So, I would recommend the Jumbie Jam to almost everyone, especially younger students. Also, folks who are interested in play a steel pan but don’t want to invest thousands. Honestly, I don’t see much downside or risk here either. If your child plays it for a few weeks and suddenly decides to play harmonica instead, you’ll easily be able to sell it and get most of your money back! There are very few used Jumbie Jams for sale online because they sell so quickly. Or, if you decide to upgrade to a full size instrument you’ll have many of the universal steel drum skills already in your hands – technique, grip, tone, play positions, etc. All in all, the Jumbie Jam is a great way for folks to get started in the world of steel drums. Still not sure? I’m always here to help. Email me at rmsteelbands@mac.com with your questions! Follow up Questions: Q. Would you recommend the chromed Jumbie Jam? A. No, I don’t see a lot of value here. If you really like the pan and want a nicer one, then it’s time to upgrade to a full-sized instrument. Q. Where do I get a Jumbie Jam? A. Panyard Inc. is a great source but it’s worth looking for a better price on Amazon.com. Q. Will I need to get my Jumbie Jam tuned? A. Yes, from time to time, but only if you’re playing it a lot or if it gets damaged.

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