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Travel Tip for your pans!

I got an email recently from someone looking for tips about traveling (flying) with steel drums. I thought you might be curious about this as well.

Packaging. The first step to making sure your pan arrives in good condition is making sure it’s packaged well. Hard cases are the absolute best way to do this. If you have a soft, round pleather case, you need to put it in a cardboard box to help protect it.

Make sure that nothing else is in the pan case that will bounce around, potentially knocking the pan out of tune. Also, put some padding under the belly of the pan to protect the most vulnerable area.

Labeling. You can buy yellow tape from the office supply store with “Fragile” already printed on it. This lets folks know you really mean it.

Another Option? Perhaps an even better option is to ship your pan ahead of time. You have enough bags to worry about at the airport.

Your pan is more likely to arrive in good condition with FedEx or UPS than with an airline. It’s probably cheaper than an extra bag fee, and it’s way more convenient.

You’ll have to ship a day or two ahead of when you fly, but for many folks this is still the easiest, least expensive, and most convenient way to go!

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