Sheet Music for Steel Band

When I started Rocky Mountain Steel Bands in 2003, I only had one or two of my own music arrangements.  I began searching for arrangements to purchase because I thought other people, with more arranging experience, would probably do a much better job than I. Quickly, I realized that simply because someone has published music , that does not necessarily indicate that the music is high quality.  There is a very small amount of good music published for steel bands, and if you are looking for simple songs for beginning bands, there is an even smaller amount of quality music.  

However, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a great resource:  Pan Press has so many wonderful, original tunes, mostly written by Paul Ross, the owner.  Mr. Ross has an amazing talent for writing songs that are simple to perform yet sound great!  Over the years, Rocky Mountain Steel bands has purchased around fifteen of these fabulous pieces.

Another of my favorite things about Pan Press is that each song is given a difficulty rating and few sentences describing the piece.  This really helps when looking for new music!  You can sort through and find a song that looks perfect.  Or, of course, you can just buy them all — you won’t be sorry! 

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