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For us Americans looking for any accessories or merchandise related to the steel pan, is the best, most thorough website in existence, offering wide varieties of stands, cases, sticks, sheet music, books, videos, accessories, clothing and, of course, premium instruments.  They even have a Tropical Groove Fitness DVD — No kidding!

The site is easy to use and well-built for simple navigation.  In fact, you could spend hours searching all the site has to offer.  When I'm looking for new music for my bands, I can easily spend an hour or two perusing their sheet music catalogue.  I appreciate how they have the songs categorized – it really helps to find what you are looking for.  Panyard is basically the only source for Panorama transcriptions.  These can be pricey, but are worth every penny.

Panyard has also started reconditioning used instruments, as well as importing pans from Trinidad.  Their prices on these instruments are very competitive with other imports and used pans, and you have the added benefit of having a Panyard tuner check it out and make sure there was no damage during shipping.

Whatever you are looking for, your search should start at Panyard.

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