Free Download, Major Scales

I know, you didn’t start playing steel drums so you could play all your major scales, right?  I know, I get it, but there is a reason all of us music teachers make you play them: scales really help you get a feel for your instrument and play ALL the notes.

Also — here is your steel pan tip for the day — scales help you play with a good touch.  This means that you "hit" each note with just the right amount of pressure.  You’ve probably already noticed that your lowest notes are loud and you only have to tap lightly to make a sound.  The higher notes require a firmer, or harder stroke just to make a sound.  After you play the first 3 scales you’ll have played notes spanning almost 2 octaves and your touch will start to improve dramatically.  

Click Here for a free download of major scales for a C Tenor steel drum.

If you’d like to learn more please purchase one of my digital lesson packs click here.

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