Soca 101? Almost!

So, today, a good friend of mine and fellow pan player, Ryan Elwood, shared a link with me which I will include at the bottom of this blog. It is from the NPR website: The Mix, 75 essential Soca Hits.  This is a very cool link and website, but not without flaw.

I realize that whenever any kind of "top ten" or even "top 75" list is published, people will certainly argue over what should be on it or should have been left out.  Without going into detail, let’s just say this list is a pretty good place for most of us that don’t live in Trinidad to start!  For the vast number of Americans, "Yellowbird" might be the only calypso or soca that could be mentioned by name, unfortunately.  Let’s not get too carried away, this audio stream is terrific way for all of us pan players to stay in touch with all the great socas.  

Don’t be disappointed, please.  This music is the very popular soca style from trinidad.  Very upbeat, energetic dance music that you hear blasting through the streets of Port of Spain throughout Carnival.  However, it seldom has any steel pans in the recordings.  You will hear these tunes played by the steel bands at Panorama, but no pans on the original records!  It is great music, though, so start your soca education right now and tune in! 

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