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Welcome!  Play Steel Drums.com is an innovative way to bring people together with music.  Most of the world lives very far from the Caribbean, but so many people would love to play the Steel Drums.  With the help of this site, EVERYONE can immediately begin playing Steel Drums, anytime of day and in any location.  This site can help you with your very first step — buying a pan — and guide and tutor you along the way.  We'll even help provide the music for yourself, or your band, when you are ready!  

Rick Henson, with many years of performance experience, has taught hundreds students from every walk of life how to play pan.  In 2003, Mr. Henson started Rocky Mountain Steel Bands, which has grown to several bands filled with dozens of students!   Today, RMSB stands out as a premier organization that brings people to pan and regularly delights audiences.  

You may draw on Mr. Henson's experience on PlaySteelDrums.com, where he demonstrates and teaches everything you need to know in a step-by-step guide.  Utilizing custom-finished pans which are optimized for video recording to allow you to clearly see every nuance of pan music, every detail has been thought of to bring you high quality education and a fun, rewarding experience. 

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