What’s Included

What will you get?

PDF Lessons

You can easily print and download all the music. There are 30 lessons, including 3 fun songs!

How-To Videos

The technique videos show you everything you need to know as a beginning pan player.

3 Fun songs

3 of the lessons are songs. The lessons lead up to the songs and keep things fun!

Demo Videos

Not sure if you’re doing it right? I’ve recorded EVERY lesson with a special steel drum and a ceiling-mounted camera so you see every move and see exactly how it’s done.

S/R Videos

Scale Rhythm Videos take two things that most people think are boring, scales and rhythm practice, and combine them into some fun, play along videos!

Rote Song

In Trinidad, where steel drums are from, they learn primarily by watching. I’ve included 1 song with several videos, but no sheet music. It will be fun for some and challenging for others!

Four Great Packages

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